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Living Soil

Fabric Pots

If fabric pots are the better way to grow, living soil fabric pots are the best. Handcrafted by skilled craftspeople from an American-made geotextile, these pots encourage air flow, prevent root binding, keep the soil cool, and foster healthier, more productive plants.

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Soil & Water Thermometer

Root-friendly, stainless steel probe encased in a rugged, IPX6 waterproof shell. This indispensable tool was designed for gardeners who understand that temperature plays a crucial role in the success of their plants.

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Cicada Protection


As the 17-year and 13-year broods emerge in astonishing numbers, our anti-insect mesh is purposely designed to shield your fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants from June bugs, cicadas, wasps, Japanese beetles and more. This is absolutely the highest quality insect netting you'll find.

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we stand behind our products

At Zaya Farms, we stand behind the quality of all of our products. Each item we offer is meticulously thought out in-house by our team of passionate gardeners. We sell these products because we love them, we use them, and we want you to enjoy them too. They are meant to elevate your homesteading experience and withstand all normal wear and tear.

We also consciously work with manufacturers that exceed our standards for excellence. If you are not 100% satisfied with your order you are always welcome to use our 64 day return policy or let us know how we can make them better.