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Cicada Netting

Cicada Netting

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Our Cicada Netting is your ultimate defense against the impending siege of cicadas anticipated this year. As the 17-year and 13-year broods emerge in astonishing numbers, our anti-insect mesh is meticulously designed to shield your fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants, while maintaining the essential balance of nature within your garden.
  • Midnight Blue
  • 1/6″ square mesh
  • UV stabilized
  • Life expectancy of 5+ years
  • Protects against adult June bugs, cicadas, wasps, Japanese beetles and more

Key Features:

High Permeability: Crafted with breathability in mind, this netting safeguards your greenery without suffocating it. Air and water freely permeate the fine mesh, keeping your plants hydrated and well-ventilated without the hassle of removing the netting for maintenance.

Optimal Light Transmission: Your plants will bask in approximately 75% of their normal sunlight, thanks to the good transparency of the ultra-fine mesh. Our netting strikes the perfect balance between protection and light exposure, fostering healthy growth and photosynthesis even under the shield.

Customizable Flexibility: Whether you need to cover a small set of potted plants or an expansive orchard, our netting can be easily cut and tailored to fit any area or object. The DIY design empowers you to create the perfect size and shape for your specific needs.

Versatile Protection: Not just for gardens. It’s designed to encompass and defend a wide array of plant life, from potted plants to raised garden beds, flowering bushes to robust fruit trees. No matter the scale or type, your cherished plants will stand safe under our netting.

Take proactive steps to safeguard your gardens and trees from the rare but overwhelming event of a cicada bloom. With our Cicada Netting, you can rest assured that your outdoor sanctuary remains yours – undisturbed by the millions, or even billions, of winged invaders. Secure your peace of mind and the serenity of your garden with a defense that's effective, transparent, and respects the delicate dance of your garden's ecosystem.
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