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Soil & Water Thermometer

Soil & Water Thermometer

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An indispensable tool for gardeners who understand that temperature plays a crucial role in the success of their plants. Designed for accuracy and durability, this dual-purpose thermometer offers precise readings for both soil-based and water-based growing environments. Encased in a rugged, IPX6 waterproof shell, it's built to withstand the elements, ensuring you can confidently make planting and watering decisions year-round.

Key Features

Versatile Stainless Steel Probe: At 5.1 inches, the food-grade stainless steel probe is the ideal length for reaching the optimal depth in soil, ensuring you get the most accurate temperature assessment without disturbing delicate root systems.

Root-Friendly Design: The ultra-thin 1mm pointed head is meticulously crafted to probe the earth or liquid without causing harmful disruption to plant roots or soil structure.

Waterproof Durability: Boasting an IPX6 waterproof rating, this thermometer isn't fazed by splashes, spills, or submersion. Confidently clean it under running water, and rely on it for precise water tank and nutrient solution measurements.

Precision-Tuned Accuracy: Experience the reassurance of highly accurate readings with a variance of just ±1°C (±2°F), perfect for those tasks where even a small deviation can mean the difference between thriving and wilting.

Extensive Temperature Range: From chilling cold at -58°F to a searing hot +572°F (-50°C to +300°C), our thermometer is not only versatile for your garden but also adept for a variety of homestead activities – from candle-making to concocting the perfect homemade soap.

Instant Read Technology: Get rapid results within 2-4 seconds, allowing you to act swiftly and effectively in the maintenance of your garden or the pursuit of other homesteading projects.

Visibility in all Conditions: The bright backlight ensures you can read the temperature in any lighting, from the bright midday sun to the dim twilight as you check on your greenhouse.

Energy-Saving Auto-Off: Never worry about wasted battery life; the auto-off function kicks in after 10 minutes of inactivity, prolonging the life of your thermometer.

Ease of Use: Designed with simplicity in mind – power on, measure, and lock the readout of the temperature with the hold button. Switching between Celsius and Fahrenheit is reliefs just a button away.

Portable and Handy: Its compact design fits in any pocket or toolkit, ascending the ranks as your go-to gadget for on-the-go measurements.

Magnetic Convenience: With a powerful internal magnet, you can easily attach the thermometer to any steel surface for quick accessibility and space-saving storage.

This thermometer is more than just an instrument; it's a companion for the thoughtful gardener and homesteader. Make informed decisions, protect your investment, and watch as the results of precision care bloom before your eyes.
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